The Inland Northwest Woodturners is an organization devoted to the education, information, and organization of aspiring as well as experienced woodturners.

We meet at 6:30 pm on the first Thursday of each month. Our meeting place will be the WOODCRAFT store which is located at 212 N. Sullivan in Spokane Valley (in the Fred Meyer Shopping Center, next to FedEX Kinkos).

While helping each other learn more about this fascinating hobby is our goal, we also feel the club provides an outstanding opportunity to develop life-long friendships with people who share your interest in woodturning.

All skill levels are welcome. We have among our membership turners who are known worldwide as well as many beginners. We try to provide a meaningful experience for everyone.  View a short video of a typical meeting.

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Except for special events which will be described later, our meetings generally are organized as follows:
Introductions and announcements
Sharing Table and Critique - Members bring examples of their woodtuming projects to share with others. Our more experienced members will provide critique.  Table will be available for display only or display and critique.  You are encouraged to bring you work and benefit from critique in the never ending process of improvement.
Demonstration/ Speaker - We have a guest presenter during this time, occasionally there's an open turning night
Wood Raffle - Purchase tickets 1$ each or 6 for 5$. You have a good chance to get some nice turning wood.


On the third Saturday of each month there are demonstrations and opportunities for hands-on experience under the mentoring of more experienced club members starting at 9:00 am until ????? Riverview Retirement Community is located at 1801 E Upriver Dr, Spokane, WA 99207 and the workshop is located just south of the main entrance on Ross Ct. (See satellite image to the right.)


During the year we have set aside certain months for special meetings. These are:
WOOD CARVER SHOW during the month of September the club organizes a demonstration table and display of lathe turned items at the Spokane Woodcarver Show

We also occasionally have special demonstrations and classes by professional woodturners.  These will be announced to all members and on this website.

You can make tax-deductible donations to Inland Northwest Woodturners!

INW is a not-for-profit corporation and has been granted 501c3 status by the IRS.  Your donations to the club may be tax deductible !!!  We will be having donation documentation forms available for your records of donations. Donations that include money, wood or tools can be valued and may be tax deductible for you.  (The usual, please discuss all tax issues with your own tax advisor, etc, etc, etc.).  Neither annual dues, nor raffle money will qualify to receive a donation  form.


In April 2017, the AAW Board discussed the existing AAW Privacy Policy and the benefit to clarify the meaning of "AAW business only" to include exchange of member information with chapter officers for authorized activities that mutually benefit members, chapters, and the AAW. For instance, the AAW Vision 2020 strategic plan envisions greater involvement in collaborative recruiting initiatives. The revised AAW Privacy Policy was unanimously approved on May 17, 2017 is as follows:

The American Association of Woodturners (AAW) will use any personal information provided by or about its membership for AAW business only. This includes names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. Any use of this information will be limited to activities directly sponsored by or related to the American Association of Woodturners, including activities by officers of its chartered local chapters when directly related to authorized AAW business. Personal information will never be loaned, sold, or provided to any other party for any other purpose. This revised policy will be integrated into all appropriate documents.

The revised policy allows local chapter officers to use AAW member personal information in support of activities that are specifically authorized by the AAW and its Board. Furthermore, chapter officers will be in violation of the AAW Privacy Policy if they use information obtained in any other manner or by disclosing that information to any third parties.

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