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WANTED AND FOR SALE ITEMS:  We are also using the Newsletter as a mechanism to list MEMBERS ONLY items for sale or wanted.  Please submit all requests for listings to the Newsletter master at:      All items will be listed ONLY once on request, and if not sold or acquired during that month's newsletter, another request for listing must be submitted.  Special items (i.e. lathes may be listed on this page also).

All members are being asked to fill out the Survey of Members' Capabilities and Interests and bring it to the next meeting.  Let your voice be heard!  You have to tell us what you're interested in so we can have the programs you want.  And don't be bashful about your capabilities - share with your fellow woodturners - you'll get a lot more than you give!

Hollow Handles and their accessories:

Hollow core modular handles that allow quick change of various size and shape tangs on tools are a cost effective way to build up your tool arsenal without needing to own or make handles for every tool in your tool set.  There are two basic types: specific diameter insert based hollow handles  and collet based handles.  With insert based you use a handle with a hole end the diameter of your tool, or insert an adapter (also hollow) that takes the tool size.  With collet based systems, you can use any tool with a tang the collet size, and remove and replace the collet with a larger or smaller collet as needed.  In insert based handles the tool is held in with allen set screws.  With collet based systems you just twist the collet holder and it tightens on the tool.  Here are some examples:

You can quickly change tools, or adjust the amount of tool overhang with any of these handles.  Adapters from on brand may fit other brand handles.  It is not out of the question to make your own hollow handles.

Vacuum Chucking: several people have asked about supplies for setting up vacuum chuck systems.  Here is a brief review.  

A lot depends on how much money you want to spend.  Some time and plumbing to your individual machine is needed and there is probably no real plug and play options.
Depending on what lathe you are on to hook up to, the attachment to the lathe may vary:
Otherwise, may of us use a through the headstock system, based on a 2 MT headstock internal setup.  This is the easiest and most adaptable system, needing only cutting the lamp rod to length for your lathe headstock.
You need a vacuum gauge and let off valve:  this is one but expensive on this site and this can be sourced/built from stuff at your local hardware store.
You need head pieces that actually hold to the piece.  Many of us make these with schedule 40 PVC pipe and wood backplates.
Here are some commercial ones:
Here is a complete autocycling system, minus the pump itself.  This site gives lots of information on vacuum systems, aimed primarily on veneer users, but quite applicable to our use in turning.
Hope this gets you started. (put together by Carl. Lots of other possibilities exist !).
Spade Bit modification for Candle Stick Bit Use:   
CandleStickDrillBits    click on red link and a PDF will download onto your computer.  Text and images in PDF.  From : Modifying Drill bits . By John Lucas      

The Inland Northwest Woodturners has a library of books and video media which are available to club members at no cost.  See the club librarian at the monthly meeting to check out any items from the library.  The list of library materials is here.

Downloadable Articles

The following are articles and demonstration materials written by club members which are available for downloading.

Art of Critique by Jim Christiansen
Handout from Jim Christiansen's Last Workshop - 2018-11-03
Introduction to Design for Woodturners by Jim Christiansen (August 4, 2016)
Bowl in a Board
Christmas eBook
Dust Collection at the lathe
How to Make a Spinning Top
At the Centennial Camporee
Woodturner's Beginning Tool List
Molly Winton Demo
Powermatic Spindle Modification
Stuart Batty Salt Shaker
Turning The Three-Legged Stool
Vacuum Chucking
How to Make a Turned Box
How to Make a Turned Box From a Single Piece of Wood by Frank Hutchison
Baby Rattles by Pat Hickey
Ornaments by Pat Hickey
Fractional-to-Decimal-to-Metric Table
Richard Worthey Handout - 2017-10-05
Safe Lathe Operating Speeds by Ron Valley - 2017-10-05
High Quality Kaleidoscopes by Don Scott - 2017-11-02
Homemade Bowl Sander Plans - 2018-02-01 - Handed Out at 2018-02-01 Meeting

This is a fantastic article that explains MULTIAXIS SPINDLE TURNING in a way we can all understand:  MultiAxisSpindleTurning

Here's an article on how to cut wood to get different grain patterns: How Tree Trunks Are Cut to Produce Wood With Different Appearances and Uses

Other Resources


  •  AAW Video Source is an online tool that offers access to useful online woodturning videos prescreened by the AAW for quality content and safety. The videos are searchable by topic area and keywords, and users are invited to recommend videos for inclusion.
  •  AAW's Video Library, offers an expanding online video collection to help to make the learning process more engaging. These videos have been pre-screened by the AAW for quality content and safety.
  • AAW's Woodturning Calendar, offers a schedule of upcoming chapter and demonstrator events, exhibitions, classes, symposia, and more.
  • The AAW Forum is a member-moderated online community ideal for sharing work and ideas, obtaining feedback, and connecting with other woodturning enthusiasts. Separate online registration is required.

The following are articles or videos from AAW and other woodturners that provide useful information or insights that may help you and others enjoy woodturning:

Have a disability or know someone who has. This video from ICWS talks about those who have disabilities but still turn wonderful stuff!

LINKS:  On the separate LINKS page, find suppliers, tool and lathe makers, general hardware suppliers, and links of general interest.  Links to commercial, for profit, businesses are made without specific recommendation, but have been of value for turning materials by some members of the Club.

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