Benefits of Membership

The best way to get the most enjoyment, knowledge and skills from the Inland Northwest Woodturners club is to become a member

Adopted club members' dues are waived. Just register on the linked form and you will get member access within a few days. We will need to confirm your home club membership with your home club president.

Please complete the following form for adopted club members: Contact Us

To become a new member of INW, pay online by credit card by going to the "Store" page of this website. Or you can click right here: New Member

Dues are $35 per year, collected in January, or prorated down, beginning in April, at $2.50 per month for new members based on when during the year you join.  Prorating ends after June when the dues are $25 for the remainder of the year.  The Store and Dues page on this website gives a simple method to see the current dues amount and make a secure, online payment via credit card.  Dues then renew with all current members each January.

Please note that your membership will not be official until the treasurer receives your dues.  Within several days of your dues received, you will receive an email with notice of you becoming a member of INW.  Welcome !!!!

Everyone is encouraged to also become a member of the American Association of Woodturners (AAW). Besides a subscription to the American Woodturner monthly journal and the quarterly online Woodturning FUNdamentals, you'll be covered by insurance, have access to all back issues of the journal, get discounts for woodturning events including the annual national symposium and be part of the happiest group of people in the world! 

INW is an AAW "affiliated chapter", however your INW dues do not cover AAW dues.  While we highly recommend you join AAW in addition to INW, we do not get any financial benefit from your membership in AAW.

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