• January 6th – Carl demonstrated Form and Design in Woodturning
  • February 3rd – Doug demonstrated “An Introduction to Woodturning with an Emphasis on Bowls”
  • March 3rd – Doug demonstrated “From a Log to a Bowl”
  • April 7th – Carl will demonstrate “The Proper Use of a Scraper”
  • May 5th – Eric Lofstrom will demonstrate “Square Edge Bowls”
  • June 2nd – Sphere/Ball demonstration
  • July 7th – Rick Urban will demonstrate the “Lost Wood” process
  • August 4th – Don Scott will demonstrate how to turn a Segmented Bowl from Flat Stock
  • September 1st – Ron LaRue will introduce us to Christmas ornaments
  • October 6th – Eric Lofstrom will demonstrate a “Fitted Lid Box”
  • November 3rd – Shelley Hayes will show us “How to Turn a Goblet with a Captured Ring”
  • December 1st – Christmas

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INW Board Meeting

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