Service Opportunities

The Inland Northwest Woodturners is a volunteer organization

- meaning that everything is performed by members who give of their time to conduct the business and activities of the organization.  Besides helping to promote woodturning, volunteers also develop friendships by working alongside their fellow woodturners and you can learn new skills as well.

Volunteering is not time consuming.  Board members spend 6-10 hours a month on their duties but most volunteers only contribute at meetings or special events.  For example, the video assistant is responsible for setting up and operating the video equipment during our regular monthly meeting.  It usually takes less than a half hour to set up before the meeting and 15 minutes to take down after the meeting - and the rest of the time is during the meeting - and you're already at the meeting!

Current volunteer opportunities and their estimated time commitment per month are:

  • Video assistant (~1 hour)
  • Assistant webmaster (~4 hours)
  • Facebook coordinator (~4 hours)
  • Assistant Coffee Coordinator (~1 hour)
  • Assistant Program Coordinator (~2 hours)
  • Assistant Newsletter Editor (~2 hours)
  • Cutting Party Coordinator (~1 hour + event)
  • Assistant Special Event Coordinator (~1 hour + ~5 hours per event)
  • Assistant Librarian (~1 hour)
  • Wood Raffle Coordinator (~1 hour)
  • Club Photographer (~1 hour per meeting or event)

Give of yourself - help your fellow woodturners (and yourself) and have fun while you're doing it!  Training will be provided!

If you are interested in learning more about volunteering, contact the president, Doug Eaton; the webmaster, Frank Hutchison; or the treasurer, Carl Bodenstein, at any meeting or come to the monthly Board meeting at Frankie Doodles on the third Thursday at 11:30.  (If it's your first time, the club buys your lunch!)

Bowls for SANEWA

The Senior Action Network of Eastern Washington (SANEWA) raises money for Meals on Wheels through their Cooking for a Cause event.  They are soliciting bowls to be provided to donators to and for an auction at the event.  The donator bowls should be the size of soup bowls.  Larger bowls will be accepted for the auction.

Contact member John Fox at meetings or via the Member Directory for details.

Urns for the Eastern Washington State Veterans Cemetery

The Washington State Veterans Cemetery Medical Lake receives the ashes for approximately 30-60 veterans a year that are unclaimed or indigent.  While VetsGarage will be helping a local funeral home provide urns for those that they process, there is also an opportunity to provide urns for the cemetery.  Any urns must fit in a 9" deep, 10" wide and 12" high niche.  Plans are available from WOOD Magazine (rectangular), American Woodturner (Turned) Vol. 27, Issue 5, October 2012, pages 20-21, or via a search on the internet.

Contact member Frank Hutchison at meetings or via the Member Directory for details.

Boxes for ACCOIN’s Hero Beads

The American Association of Woodturners (AAW) in 2015 asked all woodturners to make boxes for the Beads of CourageTM organization in conjunction with the annual symposium.  Thousands were made including approximately 20 made by the members of the Inland Northwest Woodturners.  Unfortunately, while we have several very excellent hospitals in the Inland Northwest with many childhood cancer patients, none participate in the Beads of Courage program and, therefore, all our boxes were sent to hospitals on the west side of Washington state.

Hero Beads BoxesHowever, we have the American Childhood Cancer Organization of the Inland Northwest (ACCOIN) which serves childhood cancer patients and their families in our local area with a similar program called Hero Beads.  Therefore, starting in November 2016, the Inland Northwest Woodturners encourages its members to turn boxes for ACCOIN's Hero Beads project.  (The ACCOIN Staff with a few of our boxes, right.)

(If you are not in the local Spokane area, we encourage you to participate in the Beads of Courage program.)

Turned boxes should be 5-6” in diameter and 3-4” in height while rectangle boxes should be 4” x 6” x 4”, essentially the same dimensions as the Beads of Courage Boxes.  They can be made from any type of wood – in fact, they can be made from multiple pieces of wood.  Design them with a stable base – this is not an item where you want a narrow bottom because it’s too easy to spill.  All boxes should have a clear finish that seals the wood (prevents germs from hiding in the pores), will be non-toxic when cured and is completely cured when delivered to ACCOIN.  And don’t forget to put the date, wood and your name on the bottom!  In addition, you can fill out a boh-certificate that’s on our website with this information to be included with the box.  (Hint: There's room to add a personal note!)

The goal is for each member of the Inland Northwest Woodturners to make at least one box each year.  There are approximately 70 cases of childhood cancer in our area each year which equals approximately 6 per month but the need varies.  There were 12 new cases in two weeks in October 2016!  If we all make just one, then we can supply every childhood cancer patient with his or her own box.

Here are the people who put the hero in our Hero Beads Boxes so far:

  • Ron Valley
  • Tom Kimball
  • Frank Hutchison
  • Bron Grissom

Be a hero and have your name added to our list!  Bring your box(es) to the monthly meeting where they will be collected for delivery to ACCOIN.