August 2, 2018 Meeting

August Meeting

We had a really good time at the August meeting.  John Fox gave an excellent presentation on making wooden kitchen utensils.  A very good way to use some of that wood you have laying around that is too small to turn.  Need a spatula or spoon, no problem, just make them yourself.

You can see that these were made from a blank that probably would have ended up in the fireplace, but that wood was rescued!

Here are some of the bowls that John Fox made as well as his utensils.  He shared his story of how he got into this line of work and how he markets his products.  Very interesting!

Here are the pictures for the Show and Tell . . .

And sometimes you have an oopsie.  Too bad, it was a nice piece of wood and would have made a beautiful bowl. Remember to turn safely and with the proper safety equipment at all times.

The Monthly Challenge, five entries . . .

The Raffle had some good pieces for future projects as well as a gift certificate for Craft Supply . . .

Next month, Don Scott will do the demonstration on making platters.  Looking forward to seeing you there.