July 5, 2018 Meeting

July 2018 Meeting

Hope you all enjoyed the July Meeting.  Dave Sincerbeaux gave an excellent demonstration of Inside-Out Turning.  Remember the Monthly Challenge for next month is to do some kind of Inside-Out Turning.  Here is the piece he turned during the demonstration.

We had five members participate in the Challenge for last moth making wooden spheres.  Each participant received a raffle ticket for the opportunity to receive a $25 gift card from Winsor Plywood.  That wasn't too difficult.  Here were the spheres that were brought in.

Show and Tell was interesting too.  Here are the pictures.  Some of these pieces had really interesting stories to go with them.  You had to be there to take it all in.

The raffle table had some very interesting pieces on it this month.  There was one piece of quilted maple that I would have loved to win.

Since it was close to the Fourth of July, David Passo took the opportunity to wear his patriotic wooden tie.  He should do a demonstration about how that tie was made.

We all like jigs and fixtures.  It is always insightful to see how other have solved the problems we all seem to run into.  Here is one for cross cutting or ripping logs on a band saw.

Hope to see you all at the August Meeting.  Doug Turner will be giving the Birdhouse Ornament Demonstration that was scheduled for July.  Sorry about that.