Here is a look at the new AV/lathe cage set up at WoodCraft. Big thanks to Rosemary and Nick for allowing us to put this installation in their classroom. Now, if you can't see, and you can't hear, we suggest you visit your physician ! Your club dues are being put to good use !  The set up got it's first major trial at the Betty Scarpino demo day and it did GREAT !  Thanks to Pete and Carl for this fantastic addition to our meetings !  

Pete will be RETIRING as the main A/V resource for club meetings, with Carl remaining as back up.  Carl is still working some meeting dates in Yakima, So an Audio Visual person is sought to help out at club meetings !  Please express your interest to any Board member.  It is not a difficult job and training /orientation to our system will be arranged.  WE ALL THANK PETE FOR HIS HARD WORK !

Woodcraft 18420130207_202259

NEXT CLUB MEETING:  December 3rd, 6:30 PM at WoodCraft on Sullivan in the Valley.  Topic:  A presentation of the new WebSite will be given by new WebMaster, Ron Valley.  How to log in, information available to members/non-members, building your own Profile and adding pictures will be reviewed. All questions will attempt to be answered.  We will solicit comments of the existing site to look at any changes we may want to make in the future.

Also: The official ballot and roster of Board positions will be presented at the December meeting to have in place for 2016.  VOLUNTEERING is a good thing !

3rd Saturday -- at Riverview -- Riverview Retirement Community Workshop -- 1711 E. Ross Ct. -- 9:00 AM to ?? 3:00??. Please look at this announcement regularly for updates of the plans for EACH SESSION. Do not show up at Riverview without seeing the plan listed for each session. Coordinator: Ron Gooley.  DECEMBER 19th  is the next possible session.  Please express your interest and suggestions for topic or techniques to Ron.

2016 BOARD AND OFFICER CHANGES:  Come the New Year, the Board and Officers would like to get new people involved and change out some Board positions.  Some of our members have worked exceedingly hard and could use a break.  We encourage any members to talk to current Board members or Officers to find a position in our organization that suits your desires !  The official ballot and roster of positions will be presented at the December meeting to have in place for 2016.

At this time we are announcing the retirement from Treasurer position of John Altberg, who has held the position for over 7 years !  Much thanks to John for his meticulous care and efforts that have benefited the Club greatly !  Carl Bodenstein will be assuming the position of Treasurer in 2016.

We would like to consider creating some new officer positions, to augment our current leadership roles.  Everyone is welcome to attend the lunch Board meetings, held on the third Thursday of each month at 11:30 AM.  Please talk to any of the Board for details.  We really would love to see members step up to the plate and support their Club with sweat equity.

Web Site iOS Problem Solved!!! - The problem with users of iOS devices (iPhones, iPads, Macs, etc.) not accessing the Members' Only areas has been solved.  We have also identified the problem with some users not being able to upload images - each image uploaded, whether for your profile, background or photo galleries, must have a unique name.  On one user's iPad every image uploaded was named image.jpg and the website rejected the images because that name had already been used for the profile image. Some things may look a little "weird" until we get all the kinks worked out.  If you are having trouble accessing any  features, please let the new webmaster, Ron Valley, or Frank Hutchison, know.  You now have the capability to enter your phone number and Email address to your profile and you decide if anyone can see it.  Just go to My Account and click on the My Profile button on the left.

Recent TreeFall:  We would like to thank all the power company employees for getting this town back up and running.  Many of us suffered power outages or home damage as a result of Mother Nature doing her thing.  Wood turning without power takes us back to the Dark Ages (sorry, had to do that one !) literally, and many of us are in turning withdrawal.  Unfortunately, most of the trees are pines and firs and not of significant interest as turning woods.  If anyone has, or knows of some good turning trees that are down and could be harvested, let any Board member know and we will look into it for a Club Cutting.

Important Safety Considerations for future cuttings: All attendees are asked to wear eye and ear protection since several chainsaws will be in use. If you have not done so already, you will also be asked to sign a waiver in order to participate. Those members who have attended the chainsaw training sessions are invited to operate saws. Future harvests will be planned to include brief Chain Saw Safety training sessions for those that want to participate. Of interest see this great Chaps demo by Ask This Old House !

HOW DO CHAIN SAW CHAPS WORK?  This video will show you how !

Pottery Place Plus Update:  INW members completed"guest artist" for the month of October at PPP.  PPP is just North of Aunties on Washington, in downtown Spokane.  We thank PPP for hosting the Club again during the month of October.  All members are encouraged to stop in to PPP to express their thanks and look over the locally produced art of various types.

Professional Demonstrator Betty Scarpino came to Spokane October 17-18 for a day-long demo and a full day of hands-on teaching. The demonstration was held at Woodcraft on Saturday, October 17th and the class on Sunday was at the woodshop at Riverview Retirement Community.  Further information here: Betty Scarpino DemoBetty is a world class turner, carver and embellisher,  and a wonderful demonstrator. IF YOU HAD BEEN THERE YOU WOULD HAVE  LEARNED SOMETHING ! GUARANTEED !!!!!!  For those that were at the day(s) thanks and we hope you had a great time and learned as much as we did !

BettyDemoDay1 184




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