CA GLUE ORDER:  ORDER NOW OR MISS OUT !!!   We are ready to send in another order for CA glue from Starbond.  These are excellent preparations of CA glue at various viscosities per your desire, and come in 16 oz bottles ! Only a few orders were taken club meeting (July 7th) COST:  $30 per bottle and will settle up +/- actual cost at time of distribution.  See:  http://www.starbond.com/standard-clear-ca.html      Contact Carl at cjboden@earthlink.net to place an order.  THIS ORDER WILL BE PLACED AND THERE IS NO EXTRA GOING TO BE AVAILABLE.  ORDER NOW OR FORGET ABOUT IT TILL NEXT TIME (6 months to one year !)

NEXT CLUB MEETINGAUGUST 7th, 6:30 PM at WoodCraft on Sullivan in the Valley.   JIM CHRISTIANSEN is our invited GUEST SPEAKER.    Jim is a master turner and carver with world wide accomplishment in turning !  He lives and works in Moscow, ID, as a professional wood artist and has taught many accomplished turners !  His presentation may include design elements, execution, evaluation and critique aspects of turning. DON'T MISS THIS ONE !!!!  JIM IS A GEM !!!!!

August 20, 2016:  The  "3rd Saturday -- at Riverview "  Riverview Retirement Community Workshop.  Novice turners welcome !  Coordinator: Ron Gooley and Tommy John.  Please express your interest and suggestions for topic or techniques to Ron Gooley.  ALSO: always check this web site for any other announcements regarding the Saturday sessions at Riverview.   Location:  1711 E. Ross Ct. -- 9:00 AM to approx 3PM.   Ron Gooley will be hosting an open turning day at the Riverview shop beginning at 9:00 AM.  The shop is located at 1711 E. Ross Ct.   Be sure to bring your own wood and tools. If you have a problem piece, this is a good time to get help with it, and you can always make sure that you are sharpening your tools properly.  Remember there are 6 lathes available, and this remains a member only event unless you live at Riverview.


Stuart Batty !!!!!

October 8, 9 and 10 - Woodturning legend Stuart Batty will join us in Spokane for 3 full days.  DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY TO SEE ONE OF THE FOREMOST NAMES IN WOODTURNING !  Watch Stuart on Stuart Batty's Youtube channel and on Tim Yoder's Woodturning Workshop Part 1    Part 2

Saturday, October 8th: full day demonstration at WoodCraft:  $40 with registration before or at the September 1 regular meeting, $45 after, and $50 at door (if space permits!!)

Sunday October 8th and Monday October 9th: Full day workshops limited to 7 participants.  Will be held at the shop at Riverview Retirement: ADVANCE REGISTRATION and FULL PAYMENT required.  Fee:  $125 before or at the September 1 regular meeting, and $150 after, room permitting.  FIRST COME FIRST SERVE TILL FULL and these will fill !!!!

Take a hands on with Stuart and you too could turn like Ashley Harwood !

We are thrilled to be able to bring world class demonstrators to the Inland Northwest !
SEPTEMBER 23, 24, 25, 2016: SPECIAL INVITATION TO PARTICIPATE IN THE SPOKANE WOODCARVERS CLUB ANNUAL BIG SHOW  !!!  The local woodcarvers hold an annual show, sale and competition every September at the Salvation Army campus (huge gym building and rec center).  We are invited to participate and they will have a special competition category for turned work this year.  We would like to provide HANDS ON DEMONSTRATIONS on one of our MIDI LATHES at the show.  This has been very well received in the past.  We are asking MEMBERS (not the Board) to volunteer to demonstrate simple turning technique (just turn away on a spindle or bowl, nothing earth shaking needed !!!) for several hours every day of the show.  Volunteers should contact PAT HICKEY at  patrico3808@gmail.com.  We will confirm scheduled hours and individual schedules later in the summer.

OUR VIDEO LIBRARY and book library is available for check out at our monthly meetings. Each video or book has a sign out card.  We will make them available for self help, sign out and sign back in when done.  The library materials are great to borrow and watch !

MEMBERS: after you sign in, please go to "MY ACCOUNT" and then to "MY PROFILE" and start to fill in some information.  You can make the information available to other members or hidden in most all fields.  You can add an avatar (picture of yourself or your dog) and personal statements on turning/artist' s biography, etc.  To date there are very few completed profiles and even fewer avatars, let alone galleries of pictures of completed turnings.  These are easy completions and will not take much of your time.  If you mess anything up, we can easily rebuild your empty profile !  Take a plunge and get-r-done !

Carl's TREASURER'S MESSAGE:  THANKS TO THOSE THAT HAVE PAID THEIR RENEWAL DUES !!!!  Dues are due annually at the beginning of each New Year.  Dues REMAIN at $30.00 per year.  Student memberships are free.  Your memberships are vital to the success of our club, and even more so, your participation ! New memberships are always welcome !  New memberships are prorated for the amount of 2016 remaining at time of membership and expire end of year like all renewing members.


The new AV/lathe cage set up at WoodCraft is working GREAT!. Big thanks to Rosemary and Nick for allowing us to put this installation in their classroom. Your club dues are being put to good use !

Rob Kroft, a new member, has stepped up to the plate !  Yahoo says Carl !!!!  Rob will be "in training" for a couple meetings, so don't give him a hard time YET !

AV is super important to the meetings, as it adds visuals and better sound to everyone's experience of the demo's.  Some effort is bering made to relocate the "tailstock" view to get a better visual on the actual tool cutting action.  With demonstrators of all different heights and sizes, this will be some trial and error for now.  Constructive ideas welcome to Rob or Carl.  Destructive ideas should be addressed to Carl's dog, Sheba.

Woodcraft 18420130207_202259Everyone is welcome to attend the lunch Board meetings, held on the third Thursday of each month at 11:30 AM.  Please talk to any of the Board for details.  We really would love to see members step up to the plate and support their Club with sweat equity.  The present meeting location is Frankee Doodles just East of Division on 3rd Ave.  Good food and great service !  Come on down !!!

Tree Falls:  If anyone has, or knows of some good turning trees that are down and could be harvested, let any Board member know and we will look into it for a Club Cutting.

Important Safety Considerations for future cuttings: All attendees are asked to wear eye and ear protection since several chainsaws will be in use. If you have not done so already, you will also be asked to sign a waiver in order to participate. Those members who have attended the chainsaw training sessions are invited to operate saws. Future harvests will be planned to include brief Chain Saw Safety training sessions for those that want to participate.

HOW DO I SAFELY Fell a tree?  This video is a must watch !





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