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New Recent work of our members:

HOLIDAY RAFFLE:  Selling tickets for the raffle has opened !!!  SEE RAFFLE PAGE.  CLICK ON RAFFLE PAGE in the HEADERS.  THREE PRIZES THIS YEAR!!!!!!      Powermatic full size lathe, Jet Midi lathe, and Sorby boxed set of tools.  Just click here for information:  https://inwwoodturners.com/holiday-season-raffle-2019-3-prizes-this-year


Picked up some fresh cut Sycamore courtesy of John Altberg.  Look for some on the raffle table !

Speaking of hauling wood:  INW is the proud owner of a very handy log hauling trolly.  See the link that follows for a picture.  We will be using it on "club wood gatherings" but can make it available on loan to INW members for their own use when needed.  Contact Carl regarding availability.  Use for wood/logs only please (i.e. not refrigerators...). https://www.sherrilltree.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/1800x/040ec09b1e35df139433887a97daa66f/4/0/400_pro-grade-logdolly-sherrilltree-35686-3.jpg


Meetings are held at Riverview Retirement Community Shop.  Please plan to bring your own "card table" chair for seating. Monthly Club Meeting LOCATION INFORMATION: 1711 E. Ross Ct.  SPOKANE, WA.   TURN LEFT OFF UPRIVER AT Granite Ave AND TAKE THE LEFT INTO THE PARKING LOT BEFORE ROSS CT.  Or make a left onto Ross Ct and proceed to the dead end, turning left into the parking lot.  It is centrally located, easy to get to and parking is easy (no tiny spots that can't even fit a Mini-Cooper !).


WANT TO JOIN INW? :  EASY !!!  Go to the Store and Dues Page, scroll down to New Membership and securely pay on  line.  You will receive an email with details on member sign on information within several days.

All The News That's Fit to Turn:

On 10/12/19 we held a penturning workshop with instructor and pen maker extraordinaire, Lauren Rants.  The session was a huge success !   Thank you Lauren ! 
Please see our Links Page for sources of tools, supplies, and other ideas vital to woodturners.  Constantly being updated based on member recommendations !
Downloads as PDF's to you downloads file location:
New article/manual of TRUE oval turning.  Fascinating!  https://www.nezgardo.gq/PDF/Ovalturning2A.pdf
GREAT ARTICLE on SPALTING from the AAW: AW2506p54-60


Calendar View:  Click Here
Regular Club Meetings
November 7th:  what a great demo by Damon on thin turning and turned work PIERCING.  

Damon doing a very thin turning with a back light, in preparation for piercing.

Advanced Scheduling
Board Meeting:   Board meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at 11:30 AM at Frankie Doodles just East of Division on 3rd Ave.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  Next meeting  November 21st.

Regular club meeting December 5th:  This is our December Holiday Meeting and we will be holding the RAFFLE (you know the BIGGER AND BETTER ONE!).  As a special occurrence we will hold an ALL CLUB show and tell, so please bring ANY of your recent turnings for a brief description: wood, finish, design elements, or whatever else you want to say !  All in a non-competitive, non-judgemental setting.  If you can, bring in a snack to share !

2020 Dues will be collected beginning with the December meeting.  Cash is always welcome from locals that are attending.  Dues for 2020 remain $35.00. All new members can pay their membership now and they will become members immediately and it will include all of 2020.

Riverview Shop Events:
Third Saturday of Each Month at Riverview:  Riverview Retirement Community Workshop.  An INW members only event and a great reason to become a member!   Novice turners welcome !  Coordinators: Ron Gooley and Tommy John.  Always check this web site for any other announcements regarding Riverview sessions. We will note ONLY IF the month session is canceled !  Location:  1711 E. Ross Ct. -- 9:00 AM start.   Bring your own wood and tools. If you have a problem piece or tool, this is a good time to get help with it.  Fantastic opportunity for new turners to get expert mentoring!   
LEND A LATHE PROGRAM UP AND RUNNING !    The Lend A Lathe Program is designed primarily for new turners getting a start on their woodturning experience. Currently a Rikon Midi  and a Jet Midi are in the program, with initial 3 month loan periods.  For applications and supporting materials contact LALP Director,  Damon at  bruadair@gmail.com       
INW has also renewed its support of the VetsGarage in its new location (3915 E. Francis Ave., #C10, Spokane, WA 99217, near Francis and Freya).   

Group Purchases and Store News:

FINAL SALE PRICING ! A small number of  gouges remain and we are reducing our prices to bare bones minimum to sell off remaining stock.  See the Store and Dues Page for details.

Bowl Flute Profile                                                                  Spindle Gouge Profile


3/8" diameter bowl and spindle gouges, in 8" OR 16" long, with flute ground throughout.  This allows for different profiles on each side of tool.   ALSO: see the Members Resource Page for information on hollow modular and collet based handles that you may want to have for these tools.     Here is a brief guide to profiles, flutes, and purposed gouges:

guidetogouges  (downloads a pdf to your computer, good review of gouge forms and use)

Here is a useful PDF on the 40/40 grind:  This is a favored bowl gouge grind, promoted by Stewart Batty.  (downloads a pdf to your computer)


Member's Resource News:

Deep Hollowing:  Other than spindle work and bowls, deep hollowing is a main area of turning.  Considered an "advanced" practice by some, there are techniques to make this practice available to almost all turners.  Here is a review of various deep hollowing techniques, devices, fixtures, and safety.  see:   https://inwwoodturners.com/member-resources/deep-hollowing-techniques

OK, you mini-lathe folks:  You want to see crazy ?  Well this is crazy !  Worth a look see!


An article on VACUUM CHUCK SET UP is available on the Member's Resources page.

Candle Stick Drill Bit:  Modification of an inexpensive spade bit:  see Member Resource Page

Need something?  Go to the Links page as it may have a great source for you listed, with many suppliers that our members have experience with.  If you have a recommendation to list, please let us know.

Become a Member :  Click here!

2020 Dues Renewal and NEW members: INW annual dues are due at the beginning of January.  $35.00 (single or family). Renewal at any time during the year remains $35.00.  NEW memberships are prorated by the amount of the year remaining with a minimum in June through December of $25.00.   Pay on line on the Dues and Store page, or at meetings. 
There is also a STORE  "item" for donations, in which you can donate in multiples of $10.00 amounts. All donations are fully tax deductible and a receipt can be provided if requested.  Dues and donations are a way we can continue to provide and increase YOUR clubs services and quality ! 

Turning of the Month: If you have a picture of one of your pieces that you would like to submit for consideration as Turning of the Month, please send it to us.  We will try to change these out at least monthly.       inwwoodturners@gmail.com

A collaboration piece by Damon and Debbie Scott.  Turned, wire brushed, burnt and painted.  



OUR VIDEO LIBRARY and book library is available for check out at our monthly meetings. Each video or book has a sign out card.  We will make them available for self help, sign out and sign back in when done.  The library materials are great to borrow and watch !

Tree Falls:  If anyone has, or knows of some good turning trees that are down and could be harvested, let any Board member know and we will look into it for a Club Cutting.

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