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Announcements:  This page will usually begin with the most recent at the top. Problems or ideas can be submitted on the "Contact Us" page.

HELP WANTED:   We are in need of two volunteers immediately:

  1.  AV person to handle cameras and mics at meetings.  Would be best to have some experience, but can be trained from scratch if needed.  Needs to be available at main monthly club meetings at Ferris High School.
  2.  Webmaster:  For now updates are being handled, with new announcements, etc.  We do need someone that has website experience to manage the broader issues of design and maintenance of our website.  We are on WordPress, and experience would be useful, either with WordPress or general website design.
  3. Inquiries can be submitted via "Contact Us" page or by talking with one of the Board.

Store News

Register and Pay your $10 fee for the November 4th INW meeting featuring Cindy Drozda !  Don't miss this one with Cindy via Zoom. Advanced registration REQUIRED.  Store link: Cindy Drozda

Anchorseal is in Stock: Order from the Dues and Store page.  Pick up will be by private arrangement or can be set up for pick up at a in person at Ferris club meeting.  

Ferris High School Information: Meeting and Workshops In-Person Location

Ferris is a District 81 high school on the South Hill of Spokane.  It is at the intersection of  Regal and 37th Ave.  An aerial view is shown below.  The parking lot is huge and the walkways are wide and have good handrails.  If you have large or heavy materials to bring to the meetings or workshops, please contact us and we will work that out with you. At this time MASKS ARE REQUIRED inside Ferris buildings.   The address for you to GPS is:  3020 E 37TH AVE , SPOKANE , WA.  (Please note that some of the roads inside the Ferris campus are one way and there are strange little turns in places.)


Woodturner's Mentoring Workshops: Two new Saturday Opportunities for Members

Second Saturday of every month from 10:30 AM to noon-ish.  Zoom only:  Damon has  set up  for demonstrations and discussions once a month, via Zoom.  Damon's next session will be NOVEMBER 13TH.  Members will receive a link for the Zoom session during the week in advance of the second Saturday.  Please keep the link available when you receive it.  The November 13th session will be an open format question and answer session with Damon, Carl, and some of the other experienced club members here to answer any and all questions !  No question is too small, and for sure no question is stupid !  We can deal with mounting methods, turning technique, tools, equipment, finishing technique, and anything else you come up with !  Please be able to show your blank if it would help understand the question and give the entire audience a better understanding of what we are talking about.  ANYTHING related to woodturning !  ANYTHING at all !

Third Saturday of every month from 9:00 AM to "lunchtime".  INW members hands on workshops on the third Saturday of each month.  These sessions will be held using the lathes at Ferris High School and may include brief demonstrations if specific topics are desired. These are meant to be hands on mentoring sessions with YOU at the lathe and some experienced turners helping perfect your use of the lathe and it's tools.  AGAIN, MASKS ARE REQUIRED.  Plan to bring your own tools and wood blocks.  Some tools will be available from the school supply, but it would be better to learn and practice on the tools you will use in your own shop.  These sessions are for in person mentoring and will not be live streamed on Zoom. There will be a third Saturday on November 20th at Ferris and we will open there at 9AM Pacific Time.

Upcoming 2021 Meetings: All on FIRST Thursdays.

Remainder 2021 into 2022:  Some start times may vary, depending on the program, so please look for emails or read the descriptions below.

We are planning to be in-person as well as ZOOM when appropriate, with all in-person at Ferris High School.  MASKS REQUIRED. No exceptions.  The Board has also decided that we will not provide or allow bring in food or beverage for the in person sessions, as it promotes the removal of masks.  Again, we have an elderly and at risk population, and feel we need to be proactive in our approach to CoVid19, as well as following the rules of our host, Ferris High School.

November 4: Cindy Drozda!!. This will NOT be an in person meeting and we will NOT be meeting at Ferris this evening.  This will only be by Zoom.   The club meeting will start at 6:00 PM Pacific Time, and Cindy's demonstration will start at 7:PM Pacific Time (and still in Daylight Savings here). There is a $10 fee for all members.  Well worth it to see this master turner and artist !  See more on her  website. This is one not to miss.  The demonstration will be on design and turning of a spherical box, and there are skills aplenty to learn and practice on this project!   Cindy is one of the current generation of masters of turning and art, as well as an accomplished demonstrator.    Again, this is not one to miss!  Register/Pay ($10) at:  Cindy Drozda Demo!


December 2: Holiday party! We are planning for an in person party at the Ferris Woodshop.  This meeting will not be hybrid/zoomed.  There will be a tool sale and or exchange and you are welcome to bring any of your excess tools or devices to sell or trade, as you please.  Woodturning related only please.  We will also have a big show off your work program, most likely without critique, unless it is requested by the maker.  There will also be a wood raffle and we may even have a lathe to sell off via our version of an auction.  More on that later...  For novices this may be a great opportunity to pick up turning tools that you didn't want to afford, or for sure that you didn't know you needed !  We will start the meeting at 6:30PM and now we are Pacific time OFF daylight savings.  There will be our annual election of officers and Board at the meeting, and the slate of candidates will have been presented at the November meeting.

Volunteer to Help High School Students Learn to Turn!

We need volunteers to help one morning a week at Ferris, from 8 AM to 12 PM.  We assist the students turning on various size lathes and projects, while imparting safety techniques. The students are all eager to learn and make something they can take home.

Please consider helping this great program.  We cannot continue this vital role in our community without extra support.  If you cannot do every week, we hope to integrate your commitment with that of others and get the program well covered.

This is a sanctioned activity of the Inland Northwest Woodturners, and liability coverage is provided as a volunteer in a District 81 program, as well as for INW.

Please contact:
Ron Valley 509-270-3064, or rvalley@comcast.net

Homeless No More

We will always remain ever so grateful to Rosemary and Nick, from WoodCraft Spokane, for their kind allowance of our club in WoodCraft Spokane.  Times have changed, and as a thank-you for our contribution to the Ferris High School woodworking program (see paragraph elsewhere on this page), we have been offered use of their woodshop for our monthly meetings and our Saturday workshops.  We are currently planning in-person sessions on the First Thursday at Ferris.  Masks are required without exception.  We hope to live stream the meetings on Zoom for those that cannot attend in person.  Those who have been volunteering to mentor student woodturners at Ferris have earned the appreciation of the school's administration as well as from us.   A few decades ago, this club started out in the old, small woodshop at Ferris.  It is remarkable that we will be back in a new and extremely large shop there now!

Get a Grip on It !

Some pictures of the wrong and right way to use a chuck with jaws for mounting with a tenon (compression mode) or a recess (expansion mode). The base of jaws are not manufactured to be flat and in true to each other.  Only the top of the jaws are machined flat and true.

Find Us on Facebook

Just search for Inland Northwest Woodturners.

Community Programs and Mentoring: District 81 and Vets Garage are now active

Program for District 81 Middle and High Schools:  PLEASE see the top announcement.   Members of INW are currently helping Ferris High School students with their woodturning projects through demonstrations and hands on mentoring.  Our kids need our help!  Their industrial arts teachers need our help!   Please contact Ron Valley for more information on how you can help out.  Future schools may include: Shadle HS, Rogers HS, Chase MS, Salk MS, and Glover MS.  

Vets Garage  (224 E. Pacific Ave, Spokane) (NOTE: only open to DOD card carriers) Doug is there to mentor new turners every Tuesday 12:30 - 3:30 PM and Thursday, 1:30 to 4:30 PM. They are open Monday – Friday 1 to 7 PM, and Saturday 1 to 4 PM (except on Federal holidays, when it is closed). Monthly fee is $35 for veterans and $45 for others--with DOD cards--to use all the wood shop equipment there. For general information you can  contact them at their website  or call 509.919.3176. Please talk to (or use Contact Form) President Doug for more information on attending his mentoring sessions or on how you can help out.

Fairchild Air Force Base: STILL ON CoVid19 Lock Down to outsiders.  In the past, members of INW were on bast to help mentor beginning turners at FAFB on the 1st Saturday of each month.  The wood shop at FAFB is fantastic and they have several lathes on which we can help military staff and retired military learn our wonderful craft.  We will update the status of this valuable program when things change and we are welcome back on the Fairchild campus.


Some of our members have been working hard gathering lots of logs for cutting and distribution.    Stay tuned for the next distribution day!   (Large elm trunks on trailer below).



Have You Got Some FOG? We accept trees for club cuttings and distribution to our members !

 "Found On Ground":  If anyone has, or knows of some good turning trees or logs, contact us!.   Note that it is not allowed to fell any trees as a part of INW.   You may do so on your own but at your own risk and liability.  These rules are in conformity with the club's insurance coverage requirements and generally safe practices.  Please be careful out there!

Forum for Members' Conversations

The menu at the top of this page now includes a Forum site. Once you have logged in, feel free to click on it and see what members have posted.  Topics can be added as needed and you can carry on a digital conversation on any woodturning topic. We'll watch the posts and rearrange them if they are better suited to a different thought thread, so just go ahead and enter an idea or question or life-changing thought. Politely, of course. 

Treasurer's Messages

NEW memberships are $35 for the year. After March 15th, they are prorated by the amount of the year remaining until June. Then it's $25 for the rest of the year. Pay on line on the Dues and Store page:    New Member

Donate to INW!  There is also a Store page "item" for donations, in which you can donate in multiples of $10 amounts. All donations are fully tax deductible and a receipt can be provided if requested. Donate here in any multiple of $10.00 :  Donate Link

Dues and donations are a way we can continue to provide and increase club's services and quality!

The Lend-a-Lathe Program is Active! 

Our "Lend-a-Lathe" Program is designed primarily for new turners getting started on their woodturning experience. Currently a Rikon Midi  and a Jet Midi are in the program, with an initial 3-month loan period for members.  For questions, applications and supporting materials contact Damon, the program director. You can use the "Contact INW" message page and the request will be forwarded to Damon.

Don't Miss the Good Stuff

The Members Resources page, HERE, is log on needed for access by INW members. Do check it regularly for demonstrator handouts and other nuggets of knowledge.


Members should be receiving emails from us regularly. IF YOU ARE NOT  we do not have a working email address for you!  Please contact us at:

contact-us  to provide your preferred active Email address.  Also, please check your SPAM folder to see if our Emails are going automatically to your SPAM or junk folder.

Non-Members Are Invited to Subscribe to the Club Newsletter!

Non-members are welcome to subscribe and receive the newsletter by Email. Just enter your Email address in the box below, and click "Subscribe." We do not use or sell your information for any other purpose than the newsletter. Members need not subscribe.  They will automatically receive an Email notice when the latest newsletter is published on the web site. 


Video and Book Library

Our video and book loan out library :  This service will resume with our in person meetings as soon as we get situated at Ferris.  Many of our items are DVD's and you will need a DVD player to watch them.  Some will play on computer CD/DVD drives but some will not.  If you still have a DVD player, you should be good to go.  BlueRay players are typically not required.

Turning of the Month

If you have a picture of one of your pieces that you would like to submit for consideration as an occasional feature please send it to inwwoodturners@gmail.com Some new great work as well as great pictures from turner Damon:

Want to help INW Educate and Encourage Woodturning?

Please click on the Store and Dues page to make donations in multiples of $10 with your credit or debit card online. Once we have in-person meetings again you can also present a check or hand over fistfuls of cash to Treasurer Carl.


Want to Join INW Woodturners Club?

Just click HERE and pay securely online. Alternatively, you can click on the Store and Dues Page and scroll down to New Membership where you can easily and securely pay on  line.  You will receive an email with details on member sign on information within several days.

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