Packages (6 pieces of wood) will be for sale for $30.00.  Each package will contain 2 pieces of English Walnut, 2 pieces of Black Walnut, and 2 pieces of maple.  If you would like to select your own pieces, arrive early.  Additional pieces of wood will be available for sale for $5.00 each, once all packages are sold.  Send your request to:

Check out newly posted material in the Library- Skills Beyond Beginner section

I added downloadable articles provided by Marianne Patton about Turning And Detailing Platter Bases, Layered Segmented Miniature Bowls, Turning a Three Pointed Bowl, and Making a Ikebana Flower Vase

Wood Turning Cruise in Norway

Yes you are reading this correctly. I did not know this existed but it was submitted by one of our members. This may have to go on my bucket list. Click the following link to check it out.

Marianne’s Woodturning Cruise

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