Special Event at the Hive- We need booth volunteers. Please contact Ron Valley at : Phone 509 270-3064 or at

Event dates: Sept 30th 10: to 5:00 pm and 1 Oct 12 to 4: pm.

Get your custom Starbond orders in to Tim Schmidt by 15 Sept 23

Post you Creations

Now you can post your completed turnings in the Members Only area by clicking on the “Completed” graphic. This a live blog so be respectful. Please do not link anyone’s art to an outside entity.

Wood Turning Cruise in Norway

Yes you are reading this correctly. I did not know this existed but it was submitted by one of our members. This may have to go on my bucket list. Click the following link to check it out.

Marianne’s Woodturning Cruise

Anchorseal back in stock!   It can be purchased online and picked up at our monthly meeting.

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