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Hollow Handles and Their Accessories

Hollow core modular handles that allow quick change of various size and shape tangs on tools are a cost effective way to build up your tool arsenal without needing to own or make handles for every tool in your tool set.  There are two basic types: specific diameter insert based hollow handles  and collet based handles.  With insert based you use a handle with a hole end the diameter of your tool, or insert an adapter (also hollow) that takes the tool size.  With collet based systems, you can use any tool with a tang the collet size, and remove and replace the collet with a larger or smaller collet as needed.  In insert based handles the tool is held in with allen set screws.  With collet based systems you just twist the collet holder and it tightens on the tool. 

Here are some examples and you can quickly change tools, or adjust the amount of tool overhang with any of these handles.  Adapters from on brand may fit other brand handles.  It is not out of the question to make your own hollow handles.

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