Lathe Manufacturers and Accessories:

The order of the listing is not meant to be a recommendation.  List is not meant to be comprehensive, but includes some of the commonly encountered lathe manufacturers.

  • Powermatic – Powermatic makes two full size lathes, 24 and 20″ throws, as well as one short bed lathe.
  • Oneway – An Ontario, Canada company that makes everything woodturning!  From various size lathes to tools and accessories, lots to spend your dollars on!
  • Jet Tools – Owned by the same company as Powermatic, Jet has taken the market by storm!  Lots of sizes and configurations of lathes available from Mini’s to Midi’s as well as full size.
  • Vicmarc – Australian maker of a full line of solid lathes as well as precision accessories including chucks and jaws as well as other fixtures and tools. One lathe is a sit down model, designed for those that prefer/need to sit while turning. We now have a dealer in Washington state. Contact Ken Rude at 403 830-3049, or www.branchesto
  • Delta Machinery – Most of us probably learned to turn on old Delta machines in middle school or high school. Delta has a midi lathe in its modern fleet, as well as accessories for all its past models.
  • Grizzly – Grizzly makes just about everything, including that bandsaw and air cleaner you’re hoping for!  Wide selection of lathe sizes and price ranges.
  • Stubby Lathe USA – Stubby was made in Australia by Omega, and the lathe is no longer made, but the company remains alive, with support of its products, Oneway products, and hopes for a new designed “super lathe” in the future. Check AAW forum for discussion about this lathe.
  • Laguna Lathes – Laguna Tools has come on strong in the woodturning market with new lathes and accessories. They now offer inexpensive entry-level lathes all the way up through production lathes.
  • Robust Lathes – These are beautiful machines that are rock solid and “user specific” within the  three models they make.  Made when ordered, and variable lead time may be needed.  Some larger outlets handle Robust and may have stock. 
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