Specialty Turning Tools or Supplies:

  • Carter Products – Carter products have been around for band saws for many years.  Their new line of products for lathes includes hollowing devices, steady rests, and various jigs for specific projects.  At all the woodturner shows, Carter is a company that is enthusiastic about turning!
  • Dave Schweitzer’s Premium Woodturning Tools – D-Way turning tools
  • KMS Tools – Tools for everything at several locations in British Columbia and Alberta
  • Lyle Jamieson –  A wood turner and demonstrator who also sells tools and fixtures, especially for deep hollowing.  Instructional materials.
  • Woodworker Network – Hardwoods, exotics, live edge slabs of wood; tools and supplies for turning as well as all woodworking. Located in Addy,  just North of Spokane near Colville.
  • Best Wood Tools This is a pretty weird supplier located in TN.  Baxter design threading mill fixture (expensive but fantastic looking!), adapters for all threads and Morse tapers, extenders, tool rests, other custom machining pieces.
  • Hunter Tool Systems   – Hunter is a maker of carbide cutters and cutting bars.  High quality, price in accord!
  • Harrison Specialties  – Harrison is a pretty eclectic source, everything from carbide cutters, boring bars, jigs and fixtures.  One inexpensive articulated hollowing system looks interesting.
  • Trent Bosch  – Trent is a modern legend in the turning industry.  A professional turner, demonstrator, designer and manufacturer of high quality tools. Any questions off his site and just call him!
  • John Jordan – John is a great turner and demonstrator with his own line of custom gouges and hollowing tools.  Great quality supplier.
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