Brian Havens is an excellent teacher and demonstrator on a variety of turning topics. These three YouTube demos on scrapers will answer a lot of questions.

Conventional Scraping: click HERE
Negative Rake Scraping: click HERE
Shear Scraping: click HERE

Testing Wood Glues:  click HERE.    This one is worth the trouble of skipping the commercials, says Carl.  Please hit skip the commercials as soon as possible; I am not responsible if you watch them!  What is really amazing is how relatively well Elmer’s original wood glue does. Not the best anymore, but still pretty amazing.

Craig Timmerman is a popular ZOOM presenter with our club. Anyone can search for his videos on YouTube, or access him directly at his own website HERE.

To read and print his PDF handout on all sorts of bowls, click HERE.

The heavy duty bowl scraper he uses is found at the Packard Woodworkers site; the man-made turquoise he uses is HERE, while the real turquoise and other stone he sources from Dennis Liggett.  His slotted, sleeveless sanding drum comes from Klingspor  and the sanding discs from Turningwood.  Craig likes the velcro disc holder sanding mandrels sold by The Sanding Glove and his bond optic epoxy comes from Agates Anonymous and Rare Earth Trading. He also recommends oil finish from Livos (get the white color if you want something without the amber tinge), and he as well as a bizillion other woodturners use Mike Mahoney’s utility finish.

Other useful videos and articles that are interesting, educational and of proven value to both the novice and the experienced turner:

  • Stuart Batty videos – Stuart Batty combines his unique heritage with 35 years of experience as a world-class instructor to perfecting the art of woodturning. This series is required viewing for any beginner!
  • Doc Green’s Woodturner:  Many articles with good illustrations and some videos, especially of use to beginners and novice turners.
  • Wood Turning – Beginners Guide #1 – A Goblet :  This is a YouTube series by Mike Waldt from beginning turning demonstration and projects through to advanced techniques.  This guy’s approach is delightful and very understandable.  Work through the videos and become a better turner!
  • Reed Gray aka Robo Hippy¬†– 55 instructional videos
  • Woodcentral¬†– Forum
  • Sawmill Creek – Forum that is very active with many wood working topics
  • AAW Forum – Forum requires registration
  • Woodturners Unlimited¬†– Forum and articles of interest in woodturning
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