Monthly Activities

November Meeting

Don Westegard performed a live demonstration turning a Square Bowl

Below are some turnings from members- enjoy. If any member wants to have their own gallery on our site please contact the webmaster at: 

October Meeting

Doug Eaton performed a demonstration called Emerging Bowl.



Steve Whitford demonstrated basic top turning in preparation for our upcoming demonstration and display at the Hive. Interesting was the method of using guitar wire to burn in some linear lines for decoration around the circumference of the top.

INW Display and live turning at the HIVE

Doug Eaton presented a freshly turned bowl to WWII Corporal Jeff Neff, and trying to convince him to give it to his 98 year old bride (of 77 years) Bette. They were accompanied to the show by their daughter Nadine and son-in-law Paul Sturm.

August Meeting

John Fox gave an outstanding presentation on using the Beal System to apply a unique finish to your turnings. Below is a small sampling of pieces turned by club members.

July BBQ

The BBQ at our President’s residence down on the beautiful Polouse was a success with a turnout of about 45-50 members and significant others. Sam Frazier brought some outstanding brisket and the burgers were a big hit. Lots of good food to satisfy the palette. Gary showed off his shop and a recent black walnut haul and we all got to view his new mill for cutting slabs, etc. Special thanks to Tim and Brian and the other staff for all their help putting this together and a very special thanks to Gary and his family for hosting. I personally had a very good time even though I forgot to snap some pics, well that what good food does to you, ah!!!

June Meeting

Member Doug Eaton gave an awesome presentation on Square Bowl turning. Below are some of the various pieces turned by members of our club.

May Meeting

Member Ed Parry gave a very good presentation on plate turning and various ways to prepare the piece for mounting on the lathe. Members also displayed various turnings for everyone to view. If you missed the meeting click on the following Drop Box link provided by Dave Johnson. Click Here

The last entry in the Drop Box list is a video of Ed’s presentation.

April Meeting

Aprils’ meeting featured many submissions by members on the display table. Our presenter from TriCities was Pat Hickey demonstrating the spindle gouge. Pat spent time on the lathe demonstrating and then spent some one-on-one time with some members including hopefully a new young member. Dave Johnson took pictures. To see the member displays and the remaining pictures for April click on the following link. DropBox

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