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The following links to a vast number of other websites pertain to tools, supplies, and ideas that are of interest to woodturners. This page is constantly being updated based on recommendations from the INW members. Clicking on a company name should open their main page in a new window.
Please submit link suggestions via the message form at the bottom of this page (scroll forever).  Submissions will be reviewed and added if it is felt they would be valuable to the membership. Please add any useful suggestions as well. We are a community of learners at all levels of experience.
First and foremost is our national organization, the AAW: American Association of Woodturners:  This is the main site for the AAW, and a huge source of information, videos, tutorials and sourcing information for members. Joining the AAW is recommended, and our INW Woodturners club is an AAW affiliate club. Here are few of the many fine articles available from them. Click first on the link, then click again on the URL. They will download to your computer as a PDF file. 
Other Woodturning Clubs:


Testing Wood Glues:  a youtube video.    This one is worth the trouble of skipping the commercials.  Please hit skip the commercials as soon as possible.  I am not responsible if you watch the commercials !  Carl .   What is really amazing is how relatively well Elmers original wood glue does !  Not the best anymore, but still pretty amazing.
These are for profit sites and commercial in nature.  We list them for your convenience, but we do not have any affiliation with them except as stated.  Members have found these sites useful for sourcing tools or turning materials and supplies. Listed in groupings, but then in no particular order.
General Woodturning and Woodworking Supplies and Tools:
  • McMaster-Carr - Everything hardware related: nuts, bolts, fittings, electrical, you name it, they probably have it.  Fast shipping and very responsive.  Not a discount house, but definitely worth a look if you have a unique need not in the big box stores.
  • Woodcraft:Spokane's store open in the Spokane Valley (Fred Myer lot on corner of Sullivan and Sprague)
  • Craft Supplies USA - Woodturning Supplies - major supplier of everything woodturning.  We get a limited number of small gift certificates to Craft Supplies annually and use these a gifts at meetings and events occasionally.
  • Packard Woodworks - Woodturning Supplies
  • Penn State Industries - Woodturning Supplies
  • Woodworker's Supply – Woodworking Supplies - tools and supplies for all woodworking endeavors
  • Woodworkers Emporium - another supplier of almost everything woodturning and woodworking
  • Lee Valley - Tools - some unique stuff that is Lee Valley specific, as well as handling the Veritas line up.
      Sanding Supplies:
      • Industrial Abrasives  - Sandpaper -  This site has anything and everything related to abrasive matierials in any shape or application at wholesale like pricing, depending on volume of order.  Many of us use IA and are very pleased with the price and products.
      • Vince's Wood N Wonders -  Highly recommended source of sanding supplies and tools.
      • Klingspors - Sandpaper
      • Royce Sales - Sandpaper
      • Turningwood - Sandpaper
      Fabrication and Machining:
      • J and M Fabrication - 16716 W State Route 904Cheney, WA 99004.  Recommended by club member Gene Turner
      • Wheeler Industries - 1118 N Howe Rd, Spokane Valley, WA 99212.  Recommended by club member Frank Hutchison.  They can weld aluminum (repaired his bandsaw fittings) and the turn-around time is fast!
      Finishing Supplies:
      Kits and Kit Parts:
      Bandsaw Blades and Supplies: Blades and sharpening:
      • Central Saw Works - Spokane on Freya across from the big NAPA store.  Custom blades to any length and specification.  Very fast turn around time.  Also sharpening of good circular saw blades, re-carbiding tips, etc.  Responsive and pleasant local shop !
      • Pro Cut Saw and Tool - 18909 East Appleway Ave., Spokane Valley, WA 99016.  Founded in 1988, in Spokane, Washington, Pro Cut Saw & Tool has established itself as a leader in the development of cutting tools for wood, metal, plastic and aerospace materials.  "If it cuts, we sharpen it."
      Specialty Turning Tools or Supplies:
      • Carter Products    : Carter products have been around for band saws for many years.  Their new line of products for lathes include hollowing devices, steady rests, and various jigs for specific projects.  At all the woodturner shows, Carter is a company that is enthusiastic about turning!
      • Dave Schweitzer's Premium Woodturning Tools - Tools
      • KMS Tools - Tools
      • Lyle Jamieson -  Tools and fixtures, especially for deep hollowing.  Instructional materials.
      • Woodworker Network - Hardwoods, Exotics, Live Edge Slabs - Addy, WA,  located just North of Spokane near Colville..  Lots of wood, tools and supplies.
      • Best Wood Tools  :  This is a pretty weird supplier.  Baxter design threading mill fixture (expensive but fantastic looking!), adapters for all threads and morse tapers, extenders, tool rests, other custom machining pieces.
      • Hunter Tool Systems   Hunter is a maker of carbide cutters and cutting bars.  High quality, price in accord !
      • Your Woodturning Tools: Offers Crown Tools
      • Harrison Specialties     Harrison is a pretty eclectic source, everything from carbide cutters, boring bars, jigs and fixtures.  One inexpensive articulated hollowing system looks interesting.
      • httpss://   Trent is a modern legend in the turning industry.  Any questions off his site and just call him !
      • httpss://    John is another great turner with his own line of custom gouges and hollowing tools.  Great quality supplier.
      Wood Suppliers: Local sources:  Both WoodCraft and Windsor have an excellent stock of hardwoods and some turning blanks. On line, exotics, burls and the like:
      • Berea Hardwoods - Wood
      • Australian Burls -  A major US supplier of ethically cut Australian woods including unique burls. Jim, the owner, is a fantastic turner, and looking at his work on his pages is a truly humbling experience, but one that is a lesson in excellent design and execution.
      • Cook Woods   - Portland, Oregon-based supplier of quality wood in various forms
      LATHE AND EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS OF INTEREST:  Order of the listing is not meant to be a recommendation.  List is not meant to be comprehensive, but lists some of the commonly encountered lathe manufacturers.

      Tutorials and Information:

      Useful articles or videos that are interesting, educational and of proven value to both the novice and the experienced turner

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