Tool & Supply List for BeginnersMarianne

Notes on Reverse Chucking – Useful for back and bottom finishing!

The Woodturner’s Friend: CA GlueCarl

Get a Grip on It !

This is critical for all woodturners using any brand of chuck.  Some pictures of the wrong and right way to use a chuck with jaws for mounting with a tenon (compression mode) or a recess (expansion mode). The base of jaws are not manufactured to be flat and in true to each other.  Only the top of the jaws are machined flat and true.  Do it the right way every time, even if you have to reduce the height of a tenon, or decrease the depth of a recess.

Lathe Tune Up /Alignment and Getting Rid of Annoying Vibrations

Most of us just turn.  And turn.  And turn.  Ever think about preventive maintenance of your lathe. Where and what are the bearings?  Are the tailstock and headstock perfectly aligned? (YES, they need to be !).  Here are two articles that are well worth the read and then look over y0ur lathe and see what it may need to get it into peak performance. The articles will download as PDF’s to your device.



Guide to Gouges: From Flutes to Grind

AAW published a comprehensive overview of gouge profiles, flutes, and specialty purposes in their October 2011 issue of their journal. The pdf can be accessed by clicking HERE and it will download to your computer. 

Here is a useful PDF on the 40/40 grind: This is a favored bowl gouge grind, promoted by Stewart Batty.  This is practical and does not use jigs.  The demonstrator likes deep V flutes, but the same can just as easily be done with U shaped (parabolic) flutes.

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